Readings and more!

Now that Da has closed it's on to some new projects, with hopefully more to come.

First, last night I appeared in Misalliance, as part of the Gingold Theatrical Group's Project Shaw. It's a great series, a once-monthly get together for a reading of one of Shaw's plays. The audience is so supportive, and regularly fills well over a hundred seats. It's a great environment to work in as well, a single-day rehearsal and performance but endless encouragement to just go for it and enjoy one's self as an actor in the play. Anyway, had a load of fun. And if you haven't checked out Project Shaw give it a glance here. Their commitment to the work is outstanding, but even more impressive is that they use it as a way to contribute to other charitable causes around the world.

And next is another reading, this time of a new play, which coincidentally will feature me doing some dialect work again(can't seem to shake it lately). It's called The Boy in the Painting, and we'll be reading it at Chelsea Studios this Thursday the 9th of April at 7 pm. The reading is free and open to the public so come on down!

More to come...


I'm Signing With Bret Adams LTD!

I am very very happy to be able to announce to everyone listening that I have been signed by Bret Adams LTD, one of the premiere boutique agencies in NYC! Ken Melamed and Margi Rountree will be handling my bookings now, and you can find more info about the agency here. My profile is on their site, and you can check that out here.

I've had my eyes on this particular agency for years now, and I can't really express how excited I am. And I owe a lot of thanks to the group of people who put in recommendations to them and helped me out. You know who you are.

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for more news!


8 Shows Left! 1 Week!

Hey everyone! As I'm sure you know as you've been glued to this blog day in and day out for months, Da closes April 5th. That means we have one week of shows left, 8 more and then we're in the can, so to speak. 

Now there may be some more exciting news to come, but for now...COME SEE THE SHOW! If you haven't already or if you want to see it again, come check it out before you can't anymore. 

Thanks everyone for all your support and a double thanks to everyone who has come to see the show, and there are a lot of you to thank for that.


Da to be preserved in Lincoln Center Library!

Another round of good news for Da at Irish Rep. Lincoln Center has asked to come film the show to be preserved for all eternity in their library. For those of you who didn't spend way too much money for a theatre degree in New York, the Library at Lincoln Center holds every Broadway production for the last 50 or more years, and they request certain other performances to have a record of that play, director, design, or other. Students and theatre professionals from all over then use those records as a guide when thinking about that play, or  even just as a way to spend an afternoon. The copies are kept at Lincoln Center only for copyright purposes, but are available to anyone with a library card.

So from here on out I'll be at Lincoln Center doing Da. 

Tickets are getting snatched up but our evening shows have some availability. Come check it out!

Just a little pic of the new ads at the the theatre with yours truly included...


Da Opening and First Review

After 10 previews, three instances of a broken door onstage, a few light changes and scene tweaks, we officially opened Da last night to another sell-out crowd at DR2. The night was a great success, including the after party, meeting a bunch of loyal fans of Irish Rep and seeing just how great a community they have built in what is one of the most competitive and often unfriendly towns for non-profit arts institutions. 


The show has been selling out steadily, so if you can make it be sure to reserve now, or send me an email and I'll help you figure out the best option for getting tickets, as there are a few. 

I'll leave you with our first review, from the NY Daily News.

First performances of DA begin in a week!

When I found out I'd be doing this show about six weeks ago, January 14 seemed like years away. Until now, I've never rehearsed a show professionally  for more than 10 days, considering most summer stock schedules. 

But, as is always the case when you're having fun, time has flown by, and we have our first performances in a week. I've said it before, but this is a great cast and crew, and a great show(although the accolades bestowed on it speak for themselves), and it's definitely worth a watch.

So here's the deal: first preview is January 14 at 3pm, and another that night at 8. We take Mondays off, but run 8 shows a week, doubles Wednesday and Saturday, and a matinee on Sunday. Tuesday shows at 7.

Tickets are $71, but day-of tickets are available with a student ID for $25. More details and the link to purchase tickets here.

All shows at DR2 off Union Square, 101 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003.

Hope to see you there!

Da at Irish Repertory Theater

I am very happy to announce that I have been cast in Irish Repertory Theatre's Production of Da. Written by Hugh Leonard in 1973, the show is a largely-autobiographical re-telling of his life as a young man in Ireland during the 40's and 50's. The show follows Charlie, who has returned to Dalkey for the funeral of his Da, his last surviving parent. While he cleans the house and prepares to return home, he is visited by the memory(or ghost, or maybe consciousness) of his parents, his former self, and the characters that surrounded his upbringing in a small town on the outskirts of Dublin.


I'll be playing Young Charlie, his former self age 17-30 in various stages. The show is directed by the Artistic Director of Irish Repertory Theatre, Charlotte Moore, and sports an equally talented cast. I won't go into all the names, as you can see them here, but the rest of the gang are incredible, and have all been doing this for years Off and on Broadway, in major films and TV, and I can only imagine what else. 

We being previews January 14th, and open the 22nd. Closing night is slated for March 8th, but I'm hoping there's an extension in there of some length. We'll be performing at DR2 off Union Square, as the Irish Rep mainstage is currently undergoing renovations in the area of about $8Mil thanks to a huge capital campaign that has been taking place over the last couple years.

8 shows a week, I hope you can come check it out. More to come on it as we continue rehearsing and working.

New Website

So after a good few years it's time to upgrade the old website and other marketing materials. I'll be updating this blog with news about shows, and hopefully some other content tangentially related to my career, although I have to admit upfront there is a good chance food will be of secondary concern after my acting exploits. 

If you are an actor, producer, director, writer, follow me and we can get communal with this experience. If you click the little button above that says "Blog RSS" you'll be able to subscribe to the RSS feed for this page. I'm also looking for representation and more opportunities to play make believe to if there is anything you have in mind shoot me a message. 

Happy New Year!