Da to be preserved in Lincoln Center Library!

Another round of good news for Da at Irish Rep. Lincoln Center has asked to come film the show to be preserved for all eternity in their library. For those of you who didn't spend way too much money for a theatre degree in New York, the Library at Lincoln Center holds every Broadway production for the last 50 or more years, and they request certain other performances to have a record of that play, director, design, or other. Students and theatre professionals from all over then use those records as a guide when thinking about that play, or  even just as a way to spend an afternoon. The copies are kept at Lincoln Center only for copyright purposes, but are available to anyone with a library card.

So from here on out I'll be at Lincoln Center doing Da. 

Tickets are getting snatched up but our evening shows have some availability. Come check it out!

Just a little pic of the new ads at the the theatre with yours truly included...