Readings and more!

Now that Da has closed it's on to some new projects, with hopefully more to come.

First, last night I appeared in Misalliance, as part of the Gingold Theatrical Group's Project Shaw. It's a great series, a once-monthly get together for a reading of one of Shaw's plays. The audience is so supportive, and regularly fills well over a hundred seats. It's a great environment to work in as well, a single-day rehearsal and performance but endless encouragement to just go for it and enjoy one's self as an actor in the play. Anyway, had a load of fun. And if you haven't checked out Project Shaw give it a glance here. Their commitment to the work is outstanding, but even more impressive is that they use it as a way to contribute to other charitable causes around the world.

And next is another reading, this time of a new play, which coincidentally will feature me doing some dialect work again(can't seem to shake it lately). It's called The Boy in the Painting, and we'll be reading it at Chelsea Studios this Thursday the 9th of April at 7 pm. The reading is free and open to the public so come on down!

More to come...