Da at Irish Repertory Theater

I am very happy to announce that I have been cast in Irish Repertory Theatre's Production of Da. Written by Hugh Leonard in 1973, the show is a largely-autobiographical re-telling of his life as a young man in Ireland during the 40's and 50's. The show follows Charlie, who has returned to Dalkey for the funeral of his Da, his last surviving parent. While he cleans the house and prepares to return home, he is visited by the memory(or ghost, or maybe consciousness) of his parents, his former self, and the characters that surrounded his upbringing in a small town on the outskirts of Dublin.


I'll be playing Young Charlie, his former self age 17-30 in various stages. The show is directed by the Artistic Director of Irish Repertory Theatre, Charlotte Moore, and sports an equally talented cast. I won't go into all the names, as you can see them here, but the rest of the gang are incredible, and have all been doing this for years Off and on Broadway, in major films and TV, and I can only imagine what else. 

We being previews January 14th, and open the 22nd. Closing night is slated for March 8th, but I'm hoping there's an extension in there of some length. We'll be performing at DR2 off Union Square, as the Irish Rep mainstage is currently undergoing renovations in the area of about $8Mil thanks to a huge capital campaign that has been taking place over the last couple years.

8 shows a week, I hope you can come check it out. More to come on it as we continue rehearsing and working.